Privacy Policy

 Since 25/5/2018  the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation- 2016/679) of the European Union has been implemented.

The purpose of this Regulation is to lay down the conditions for the processing of personal data, in order to protect the rights and freedoms of natural persons and in particular the right to the protection of personal data.
The protection of your personal data is of paramount importance to us.
That is why our company takes all appropriate measures to protect the personal data we use and process in the context of the information and communication cooperation we have developed.
Each of our action will be carried out in accordance with the obligations set out in the legal framework set out in the new Regulation on the protection of personal data.
We will never sell, rent or otherwise disclose  your personal data.
In the context of the information and communication relationship that we have developed, please provide us with your consent in writing, as to the possibility of managing and processing your personal data, in order to fulfill the purpose of the above relationship.
If you choose to provide personal data or consent to the processing of the data that you have already provided to us, always in the context of fulfilling any relevant and necessary information and communication action to and from you in this context, you will have the right to be informed and to correct or delete such data at any time.
If you decide to delete your record, our company will ensure that the data is removed.
Your personal data will not be made available or transmitted to third parties without your express consent.
Our company will use all technical means and security measures, as well as the procedures provided to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction.
Our company retains control and responsibility in the use of this information.
We kindly ask you for your immediate reply-consent and we remain at your disposal for any clarification or provision of additional information that can help to better inform you.